Quality Policy “It is the policy of Beams Packaging Services Ltd to supply customers with a range of products which are safe, legal and of good quality.”

The company takes its responsibility to its customers very seriously and this is achieved through the development and implementation of HACCP systems, food safety management systems and continuous improvement. Beams Packaging Services Ltd is committed to producing safe food through good manufacturing practices that will meet legislative requirements, and the specifications and quality standards agreed with customers.

The company is committed to its employees through staff training, and reviews of the food safety management system to ensure continuous development, to improve the quality & safety of its products and production performance’.
Please see our Quality Policy Statement

SEDEX As a contract packer to major retailers we undergo annual audits with SEDEX to ensure ethical compliance throughout the supply chain. We are linked with several customers on the SEDEX system.

Soil Association As an approved organic packing site we are able to handle and pack organic products. There are strict procedures in place at our site for handling these products and we have approval from the soil association that our procedures comply to these. We work closely with the soil association to ensure constant improvement and to ensure all soil association requirements are fulfilled.

Campden BRI We have membership with Campden BRI, this fulfils further technical support to our site to ensure we are fully aware of legislation changes and changes in the food industry. We use Campden BRI for training and support on new products for testing and research.